Rohreriginal Technology Services™


Dr. Justin P. Rohrer

Justin P. Rohrer


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Consulting Services Available

Audio-Visual Systems

Design, Implementation, and troubleshooting. Environment types include presentation/conference rooms, videoconferencing systems, and home theaters.

Networks and Computing

System design/upgrade and troubleshooting in home and office environments.


Instruction on system configuration and troubleshooting to reduce future consulting expenses.



  • $240.00/hr
  • One hour minimum/increments in the Monterey, CA vicinity
  • One hour minimum plus driving time in the greater SF Bay Area


  • $240.00/hr
  • Billed in 6 minute increments
  • Rate applies either when you call me or when you leave me a message and I return the call.
  • I do not make any guarantee of availability!
  • I reserve the right not to bill for minor issues and will not bill for off-topic conversation or chit-chat.


I have been working with computer networks, audio/visual rooms, and home theater installations since 1999, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2004, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from The University of Kansas in 2011. Satisfied customers include the Albany Medical Center and Teaching Hospital, the New York State Public Service Commission, the Sage Colleges, the National Kidney Foundation, the California Public Utilities Commission, the University of Kansas and KU Medical Center, as well as numerous individuals.


While I am experienced with general issues in these fields, I have had specialized training with the following vendors




Polycom, Tandberg, Vtel, CLI


Microsoft, Red Hat