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Dr. Justin P. Rohrer

Justin P. Rohrer


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Our custom computer branch is called RansomPC. We specialize in high-end systems and strive to create the best system for your needs at competitive prices. If you are looking for economy machines or bulk pricing, we can recomend a suitable model from one of a number a mainstream computer manufacturers.

System Types


While these two are substantially different in purpose, the hardware is very similar. Both need high-performance processors, disks, and video cards. Both can be housed in flashy cases or understated elegance. The diferences come down to configuration which is done to best support the end user's applications.

Home Theater

These machines are designed to be virtually silent and non-distracting. They can include 1 or more TV-tuners, audiofile grade sound chips, large disk storage, and high-performance videoprocessing.

File Server

Capacities from 1 to 18 terabytes, and supporting Windows, Linux, and Macintosh network protocols. These machines are designed to be reliable, quiet and power-efficient. They provide full data-redundancy so that your important data is preserved and available to you even in the event of a component failure.


We refuse to compromise on component quality, but at the same time are able to offer prices that are at or below those of the major manufacturers.